Grow your

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 Ejara is a platform for Africa and its diasporas to access various investment offers: fractional shares, commodities (gold, silver..), cryptocurrency, micro-credit and more.  

Buy. Sell. Invest.

 Invest in companies that you use on the regular basis starting at 5000 FCFA.  

 Trade 24/7 across the world using cryptocurrencies.  

 Let the money you save grow with our interest saving account (starting 5% APY)  


Start investing with 5000 FCFA

 Using our fractional shares system will allow you to invest in the biggest publicly listed companies in the world at a low price.  

 Soon Available ! 

Enabling Trade Freedom

 You don’t have access to foreign currencies?On top, you would like to do everything with lower fees? Take advantage of our blockchain technology to trade all over the world. 

Protect your home

Whether you suffer from a currency devaluation or a cybersecurity attack. Get quick access to cryptocurrencies to protect your home from outside dangers.

Track your investment performance

You would like to know which stock performed best? Or your overall portfolio return?
Get all the analytics to track your investment performance.